Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Native American projects and art

We did wonderful projects on 5 native American tribes in groups.  Sioux tribe, Inuit tribe, Apache tribe, Cheroke tribe and the Nevajo tribe.



Sioux tribe by Lucy, Aoife, Tolu and Abigail.

Nevajo tribe by Ciara, Holly, Daniela and Isabelle.

Inuit tribe by Aoife, Katie, Sarah and Amy.

Apache tribe by Alana, Ríona Emily and Olufunke.


Cheroke tribe by Esha, Aoife, Lucy and Olivia.


In our project groups we collaboratively made Native American totem poles. Didn't we do a wonderful job!
We also made Native American dream catchers in art. 


We have been learning all about the different layers of the Earth and about volcanoes. We were put into small groups and working together,  ...